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Our Story

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Welcome to Sage Harvest, where you can purchase gourmet jerky with a purpose!

We grew up in a small mountain town in California, where some of the most delicious beef jerky in the western United States is found. Recently, we approached the business responsible for creating this unique product in the hope of bringing their high quality product to our local community, as well as the greater North Carolina area. Without hesitation, they generously offered their support in our endeavor.

Over the years, we have been blessed with the opportunity to grow our family through several adoptions. We consider adopting to be one of the greatest privileges in our life. However, with each adoption has come an unanticipated sense of heartbreak for those children we must leave behind. We realize that we can not provide a family and loving home for every orphan, but we can help provide resources that will increase quality of life, and, in many cases, save lives. Having the means to love the fatherless children we could not bring home has become our dream.

We founded Sage Harvest as a way to achieve this dream. A portion of each order will go toward providing donations for featured charities nominated by you and selected by us. We hope that you enjoy Sage Harvest gourmet jerky as much as we do, and that by doing so, we can all serve a greater purpose that weighs on our hearts daily. Thank you!