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A Song of Hope

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"...we will always sing a song of hope."

And that's just what the Kelley family did.

They sang a song of hope when they saw their son's face across oceans and knew there family would be even better with him in it.

They sang a song of hope as they learned about the unique and fragile heart beating inside their little warrior's chest.

They sang a song of hope as they traveled to China to make sure that their warrior with the special heart and an uncertain future would know the healing power of redemptive love.

They sang a song of hope as they brought him home and lovingly took him to the very best medical facility where skilled surgeons would mend their baby boy's broken heart.

And, somehow, with an unimaginable strength and unshakable faith, they continued to sing a song of hope as everything went wrong ...

And, between tears and with shaky voices, they sang a song of hope as they left the hospital, not with a wholehearted son held tightly in their arms, but instead with empty, aching arms and shattered hearts of their own.

Everett Louie Shuai, the bravest of heart warriors and most beloved of sons, went to be with the Lord on July 18th, and his beautiful family showed us all what it looks like to boldly walk into the flames with an unwavering faith and unfaltering love for God — and to come out faithful, no matter the outcome. They showed us how to love and serve each other and our Father through the deepest and darkest of valleys.

They walked into the flames with their baby boy, so hopeful for healing, renewing and restoration — knowing and believing that their God could deliver these things, but if not, their hope and faith in our one true God would remain.

And it has.

As they figure out how to live out the hurt and grief of the "but if not," would you join us in singing a song of hope for Everett and his family? Would you join us in giving back to the family who has given us the most beautiful example of relentless love and abiding faith?

When their voices are cracking, when the weight of grief is too much, when they are just simply too weary to sing, let us sing a song of hope for them and with them. Let us sing for Everett, for a family with beautiful faith and for a God who is true and good — no matter what.

100 percent of the profits from our "but if not" shirts will go toward loving the Kelley family and helping them to offset the medical costs for Everett's care. Thank you for loving this family right along with us.

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